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Meet our Board Members 


Our board members dedicate their time to giving back to the community and the preservation of sport in East Hants. Our current board consists of 20 members from the community, all of whom have been or are currently involved in sport in the community. Our success would not be possible without the commitment of our volunteers and the support from the community at large.

Kendall Nowe



Kendall Nowe is originally from Milford, Nova Scotia. In addition to his role as a senior editor with the CBC, Nowe has an extensive background in sport. Not only did Nowe play junior and senior hockey in Halifax, he also won a national championship with the Midtown Junior Softball Team in 1982. In addition, Nowe has coached and mentored many young hockey players in the area and continues to give back to sport in the community as vice-president of this society.



Ian Meadows

Board Member


Ian Meadows is a retired teacher from the East Hants community. Throughout his life, Meadows spent a number of years competing and coaching weight lifting. Among the successful lifters under Meadows' guidance were V.J. Sharma and John Garden, lifters who both competed at the National level. Meadows' dedication to this sport is clear, as can be seen through his dedication to help form the Nova Scotia Weight Lifting Association and the Hants East Rural High Weight Lifting Club.

Tim Shive

Board Member


Tim Shive has an extensive background in sport, having played Junior B with the East Hants Penguins from 1983-1987. Outside of hockey, Shive was an accomplished softball player, playing senior fast pitch with the following teams: the Brookfield Elks, the Truro Millers Excavators, the Truro TSN Bearcats, the Dartmouth Dairy Queen, and the East Hants Mastodons. In addition, Shive helped coach hockey in East Hants from 1999-2009. Outside of sport, Shive operates the Elmsdale Animal Hospital with his brother Trevor and is an owner of The Links at Penn Hills Golf Club.

Jarett Mackeil



Born and raised in Belnan, Nova Scotia, Jarrett Mackeil grew up playing hockey during the winter months and softball in the summer. Mackeil is a graduate of Saint Mary's University with a major in accounting. Following his graduation, Mackeil joined Grant Thornton LLP in Truro and graduated from the Atlantic School of Chartered Accountancy in 2014.


Angie Nowe



Angie Nowe grew up in Milford, Nova Scotia. In addition to spending most of her younger years on the ball field, Nowe was a long-time member of the Enfield Women’s Softball Organization under the direction of Graham and Diane Isenor. In addition, Nowe represented Nova Scotia at eight Canadian National Championships. Currently, Nowe is a dental hygienist at Park Lane Dental Specialists and teaches in the Faculty of Dentistry at Dalhousie University.

Don Garden

Director of Research


Don Garden has been involved in sport for years as a player and as a coach. Garden played junior and senior hockey and helped the Scotia Colts win their first Nova Scotia Junior A title. In addition to playing, Garden coached at the Junior A and Junior B level, was involved with the East Hants minor hockey system for over 20 years, and served on the East Hants Minor Hockey Executive. Outside of sport, Garden is the Eastern Canada Regional Manager for Tii Technologies.  

Beth MacDonell

Board Member


Beth MacDonell is originally from Hardwoodlands, where she grew up on her family's dairy farm. During high school, MacDonell was a member of the Hants East Rural High women’s soccer team and played club level soccer in the summers. Today, MacDonell owns and operates Shooters Bar and Grill with her husband Brent. She continues to give back to sport by sponsoring and donating to many local sports teams and organizations in the municipality.

Brent MacDonell

Board Member


Brent MacDonell was born and raised in Enfield, Nova Scotia and both he and his wife, Beth, own and operate Shooters Bar and Grill. MacDonell’s background in local sport is extensive. He was a member of the Hants East Rural High men’s rugby team, the Truro Saints Rugby Club, and played orthodox softball for the Horne Settlement Heat.  Brent also played a part in helping to re-establish the East Hants Junior B Penguins following their departure from the Maritime Junior “A” hockey league.

Janice MacDonnell

Board Member


Janice MacDonnell has been an active member in the sport community within the East Hants corridor her entire life. MacDonnell currently lives and teaches in Lantz and is a proud mother to her son, Hayden. MacDonnell has played and coached various sports within the community at a recreational level and competitively. Her most significant sporting accomplishments were winning both a bronze and a silver medal in women's fast pitch and being a member of the 1989 Women's Canada Games Team.

Bruce Brown

Board Member


Bruce Brown is a resident of Lantz, Nova Scotia. Currently, Brown works with the Shaw Group of Companies as the director of IT services. Brown has a diploma in systems analysis and computer programming from the Atlantic Computer Institute and a business degree from Mount Saint Vincent University. As a former athlete of both sports, Brown has long been involved with the East Hants Minor Hockey Association and East Hants Minor Softball. Outside of work, Brown can often be found golfing at the Links of Penn Hills Golf Club.

Kerri Robson

Board Member


Kerri Robson played varsity women's basketball at both the high school and small college level. Currently, Robson is a partner at Carruthers & MacDonell Law Firm. In her spare time, Robson can be found coaching children in the local Tri County Basketball Association and the Hants East Rural High girls basketball team. Robson enjoys spending time at local ball fields, soccer pitches, and basketball courts as she watches her own children learn to love sport.

Emily Meehan

Board Member


Emily Meehan grew up in Rawdon Gold Mines, Nova Scotia. In addition to her current role as a kinesiology student at Acadia University, she is a student director for the S.M.I.L.E program, an Athletic Therapist for the Girls’ Varsity Rugby team, and a program leader for Wolfville After School Programs. Meehan is very involved in motorsports, racing legend cars in Halifax at Scotia Speedworld and traveling the rest of the Maritimes with the Maritime League of Legends. In addition to motorsports, Meehan currently serves as a youth basketball coach with the Acadia Minor Basketball Association.

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