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Our Founding Sponsors


Recognizing the need for initial financial capital to start the Hall of Fame and have a solid foundation for the society to thrive, founding sponsors contributed funds to make this possible. An effort was established to find 20 individuals in the community, each of whom would contribute $2,000.


The center plaque on the Hall of Fame wall reads:


The following individuals believe in the value of sport to our community and together they have demonstrated a lifetime of involvement in sport as players, coaches, builders, and sponsors. They continue to show their support for sport as the founding sponsors of the East Hants Sport Heritage Society.


Marsden J. Anthony

Bruce Brown

Don Garden

Kevin Horne

Colin Isenor

Tim Isenor

Roy McNeill

Melvin Nelson

Kendall Nowe

Kody Blois

Bud Davies 

Andrew & Julie Gillby

Tom Hunter

Graham Isenor

John A MacDonald

Shane McPhee

Angela Nowe

Rod O'Leary

Gary Stone

Greg Roach

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