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Our History


The East Hants Sport Heritage Society was formed after former president, Kody Blois, approached the East Hants Municipal Council regarding the concept of creating a local Hall of Fame to recognize local athletes. The council unanimously agreed in principle to the project, but encouraged the formation of a local group of residents to spearhead it.


Fifteen residents from the municipality originally formed the working committee, including two municipal councillors. Following discussions of what the society would represent, the group filed incorporation documents to become officially recognized by the province as a non-profit society.


Initial planning focused on where exactly the Hall of Fame would be located. It was decided that the ideal location was at the East Hants Sportsplex in a corridor between the two arenas. This decision was reached due to the Sportsplex being a focal point for sport in the community, attracting a large number of visitors from outside the community on a regular basis.


Since then, the East Hants Sport Heritage Society has had tremendous success in attracting individuals to the Sportsplex and recognizing sport accomplishments in the municipality.

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